Valentine’s Day in Cambodia

In many parts of the world, 14th February is known as Valentine’s day, a celebration of love.

In 268, the emperor of Rome, Emperor Claudius II, decided to ban young men to get married as he believed single men make better soldiers. The priest Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret. The emperor found it out and Valentine’s was sentenced to death. Before his death, he spent time in prison where he fell for a woman. On 14th, he sent a love letter to her “from your Valentine”, the day of his execution.
This celebration is popular in western countries such as in France or England. In Cambodia, Valentine’s day is also celebrated. During that day, you can notice vendors in the street selling stuffed animals, chocolate or roses as it is a way to show your love to your partner.
Valentine’s day became popular in Cambodia especially among young people due to the teaching of English during the last 20 years and the influence of the western culture.

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