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Save us from ourselves
Ricardo Casal “Save us from ourselves” exposed in the French Ambassy in Cambodia

Ricardo Casal, Franco-Spanish artist painter based in Phnom Penh, is currently exhibiting his works at the Embassy of France in Cambodia.

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Ricardo Casal is a Spanish artist born in France as a result of the migration of his family in the late 50s Strong interest pushes very early to integrate fans during the school of Fine Arts nearby. There he discovers that art will mark his life.
In the 70s, he made the first steps in painting and photography. In the 80s, in Paris, he was hired as art director and worked for a few of the largest advertising agencies. His practice of writing, which never left her, leads him to write and direct several films for major industrial groups. The 90 will open the doors of television fiction.

However, in the 2000s, the suicide of his older brother brought him back to his first love: art.

His admiration of the great classical masters pushes to finish learning it considers incomplete. He then embarks on the study of processes and techniques pictorial fifteenth to eighteenth century. The consecration of his research finds its fulfillment in an exercise in style in the Louvre copying a retail Immaculate Conception of Crespi. He then opened an art studio in Montmartre but the rents are too high and he must resign himself to abandon this project. That’s when the phone rings ….

In 2011, after a portrait of command, he made his debut in Thailand where he stayed one year because life is easier and more affordable opportunities for exhibitions.

However, it is in Cambodia where friends welcome him it settles permanently. The Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh offers the possibility to open a workshop in the school, what he does. The exhibition Khmer Figures 90, in honor of His Excellency the King Norodom Sihanouk will be the culmination of this first experience in Cambodia. Then, other exhibitions will follow. Sofitel, Bophana Center, Embassy of France.

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