Mel C Phnom Penh guides

Mel C lives in Siem Reap and is mandated by Trip Advisor to write small guides on the pages of their site. Here are two guides – one for a 3-day stay in Phnom Penh, the other for one day. Thank you to Mel C has selected in his good tendencies addresses our boats for dinners – cruises at sunset.

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was once known as the Pearl of Asia before the country spun into turmoil with the mass killings by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Over the last few decades, Phnom Penh has grown into an economic center, sprawled with high rises, hotels, historical architecture, modern malls, and an incredible food culture. Save on research time by following my recommendations for the must-see places that aren’t in your normal guide books, and make your 3-day trip to Phnom Penh one to remember.

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