A Mekong party for Ptea Clara

Phocea Mekong cruises Humanitarian Commitment – Mekong Party

Phocea Mekong cruises has been engaged since its inception with the children of the NGO “Ptea Clara, which protects about 150 children in Kandal province. Ptea Clara provided them with secure accommodation, a balanced diet, the most complete education possible and quality medical care.

Mekong cruise

Children living in Ptea Clara also need distractions and discovery of the world around them. Phocea Mekong cruises offers them this opportunity by occasionally offering them an outing on Mekong or the Tonle Sap.

The Mekong party

This time around 70 children and supervisors from Ptea Clara are welcomed aboard the Sat Toung for a 3-hour sunset cruise in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.
The displacement of 70 children since Ptea Clara demands an important logistics. 2 Cars, 3 Tuk-Tuks, 4 motorcycles were needed to make the 25Km separating Ptea Clara from the tourist port Titanic.
It was a very festive and cheerful outing, with grilled chicken on the menu, accompanied by rice and fruit for dessert, all washed down with soda. The sound of Ptea Clara brought on board allowed the children to sing and dance, have fun and laugh out loud. The smiles of the children are the best proof of the success of this evening.