Khmer New Year in Cambodia

This year, the Khmer new year will be celebrated for 3 days on 14th April until 16th April 2017. The Cambodia new year is based on the traditional solar new year observed in parts of India and Asia. In Cambodia, the new year marks the end of the harvest before the beginning of the rainy season.
The first day of the celebration is called “Maha Songkran”. In Khmer tradition, it is believed that this day was the day of the world creation by God’s angels. To welcome angels, people will clean their houses, burn incense sticks at shrines.
The second day is “Virak Vanabat”: people will offer charity to the less fortunate. They will also visit monasteries to pay respect to their ancestors.

On “Leang Saka”, the last day of the celebration, Buddhists wash the Buddha statues. It is a symbolic practice to wash bad actions away. Another tradition is that children wash and bath their parents and grand-parents.Angkor-Sankranta-Siem-Reap

In Siem Reap, celebrate the Khmer New Year at the Angkor complex. In the program of Angkor Sankranta: concerts, religious ceremonies, exhibitions and many more.
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