Family cruise

Family cruise

Family special promotions

Half price for the 2nd cabin

with the code “FAMILY19

Family escape during school holidays

What a wonderful experience to date the mythical Mekong or the unpredictable Tonle Sap!

This family cruise will be an educational and exotic adventure during your children’s school holidays. Go safely to discover ways of life so different from ours, where contact with this wild and grandiose nature is an invaluable wealth.

Explore the Mekong and its mysteries, the Tonle Sap and its floating villages with the Sat Toung, boat of traditional wooden construction. This boat of owner with very low draft carries only 4 cabins, it allows you to approach in the most ready and in intimacy the populations of the river.

This is an absolutely unique experience that Sat Toung offers.

Promotional family Cruises

Promotional cruises are available from July 9th, 2019 to September 1st, 2019

Code “Family19”

Cambodia cruises
Front cabin 7,5 m²on Sat Toung
Cruise in Cambodia
Back cabin 10 m² on Sat Toung
Tonle Sap cruise
Sat Toung moorinf on the Tonle Sap lake
Salle de bain individuelle cabine avant
Individual bathroom front cabin
Cambodia cruises
Individual bathroom – Back cabin on Sat Toung

How to book a family cruise

For any cabin booked full price, the 2nd cabin is half price (cabin of the same category as the first if available) with the booking code “FAMILY19”.

Each cabin is equipped with a king size double bed. Usually, the occupancy of each cabin is 2 passengers maximum. However, children under the age of 8 are allowed to sleep in the parents cabin free of charge. For infants, please provide milk, diapers and all necessary toiletries, these are not available on board the Sat Toung or in the markets crossed.

In the hypothesis of a family of 3 or 5 children whose age of at least one of them is between 2 and 7 years old, a triple occupation can be considered free. However, it is better to have a parent in each of the cabins occupied by the children.

Each cabin is equipped with grills on the windows to prevent falling into the water. These can however be dismantled. The company Phocea Mekong cruises can not be held responsible for any accident occurring in case of withdrawal of the protections.

Children are for the duration of the cruise, during transfers and excursions under the responsibility of parents.