Discover the mythical Mekong and the dolphins of Irrawaddy

How about a comfortable cruise to discover the mythical Mekong and its dolphins ?

Silk in Silk island - To the dolphins of IrrawaddyFor example, you could discover, in complete privacy (8 passengers maximum per cruise), raising the silkworm cocoon until the production of silk threads, then its traditional weaving on old wooden crafts. You might also discover the provincial town of Kampong Cham and the 11th century Wat Nokor temple. You could visit 2 beautiful pagodas majestically overlooking the Mekong. You could see Kapok tree (or cheese tree) culture that provides waterproof, insulating and rot-proof wadding for traditional cushions or duvets, as well as a biodegradable alternative to hydrocarbon adsorbents.




To the dolphins of Irrawaddy - Hevea cultivation
Hevea cultivation

The discovery of the rubber tree culture providing the natural rubber, as well as durians will not doubt just as exciting. You could finally tread the white sand of an island in the middle of the Mekong, and admire the peaceful evolutions of the very famous dolphins of the Irrawaddy.






You wake up suddenly in a magical place and out of time

To the dolphins of Irrawaddy
The Mekong mysteries

And what more to add if after these few days of sailing, in total isolation, you wake up amazed in the old and splendid residence of a provincial governor built in 1916 wonderfully restored in February 2018, overlooking by its majestic Mekong façade flowing at his feet.

If we invite you to stay one night or more, in the most refined comfort it is, in a totally outdated atmosphere, out of time. In the shadows of his salons, you will expect to meet Andre Malraux, reading his newspaper with a cigarette on his lips, or the crackling of Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter writing the old man and the sea.

From the French window of your room, you could contemplate the boat that would take you to Kratie and its freshwater dolphins.

Are you tempted ?

If you indulge, there is only one boat in Cambodia technically capable of offering you this fantastic trip. Thanks to its shallow draft and the skill of its captains who know perfectly the traps of the Mekong, the only boat capable of taking you to the end of your dreams, it is of course the Sat Toung …

So soon maybe?