Our commitment to solidarity and respect for cambodia rivers

Solidarity and respect for the populations and rivers on which we sail

Floating house on the Tonle Sap – @Natacha COHEN

At PhoceaMekong cruises, we did not wait for ecology to be fashionable. Since we sail, the responsibility of our crews to develop local products, the use of fresh and quality products purchased the same morning at the market, or the management of our waste, all these values were at the center of our concerns. We know how difficult these constraints are to apply here.

Eco friendly

Since the launch of our cruises between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, these values have become paramount. We are sailing on a river and a lake classified as a “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO, we must be exemplary. That is why PhoceaMekong cruises has launched, with the main interested parties sailing on the Tonle Sap, a reflection on all the measures to be applied in order to try to limit as much as possible our footprint on the river. You can find all of these measures here – Sat Toung 100% solar power supply, biodegradable plastic bags made from cassava, plastic bottles recorded etc …


Similarly, we are developing partnerships with local businesses that respect the same concerns as ours. You will be able to discover on board the organic coffee of Ratanakiri, Kâmpôt organic pepper cultivated with a fertilizer made from elephant droppings, quality natural hygiene products produced in Cambodia, silver objects hand-made in the region of Oudong, very effective natural mosquito repellents, art maps of Cambodia superbly drawn etc …


Finally, we develop in the same state of mind partnerships with eco-responsible and charming hotels to integrate our cruises in a respectful course of the Khmer population and its nature.