Changes to our cruise programs in Phnom Penh

Changes to our cruise programs in Phnom Penh

From July 1, 2018, we regret to announce the end of our program of Cocktails and Dinner cruises facing the city of Phnom Penh for individual travelers.
These programs will only be offered for groups of 10 or more.

Our commitments for authentic and intimate cruises

Program Changes Phnom Penh - The Sat Tung on the Mekong, somewhere between Chhlong and KratiProgram Changes Phnom Penh - The Sat Tung on the Mekong, somewhere between Chhlong and Kratie
Sat Toung on the Mekong, somewhere between Chhlong and Kratie

Since the launch of these cruise programs, we have always wanted to gather on our boats of traditional construction a small number of passengers in a friendly atmosphere type “table d’hôtes”. Unfortunately, many factors combine that no longer allow the continuation of this activity in Phnom Penh:
– Phnom Penh is currently undergoing an extremely rapid transformation. A huge real estate project has started on the entire pier of Phnom Penh where we operate. Especially between the night market and the Japanese bridge. Even today, we do not know where port tourism activity will be moved, where we can dock our boats, and where we will take our passengers.
– The solution that seems most likely will be the creation of a tourist port after the Japanese bridge.
– This site should last about 5 years (even 7 years according to other sources).
– It seems that then, all the docks will be privatized for restaurants, bars and hotels installed there.

Consequences for our activity “Cocktails and dinner cruises”

Program changes Phnom Penh - Royal Palace seen Tonle Sap by night
The dinner cruise facing the royal palace seen Tonle Sap in 2017

For our part, this entails:
– A walk on the Tonle Sap that will not present many interests, especially during the time of the works. Much of the charm of our cruises lay in the discovery of the Phnom Penh docks at the expense of the river. We will now see some towers under construction.
– Access to our boats further afield and even more difficult to find, which will lead to increased transportation costs for passengers and for bunkering / repair – maintenance of ships.
– The added value of a meal on the river is thus altered, with a higher operating cost.

Our new activities

For several years, we have been feeling this decrease in attractiveness of Phnom Penh for the type of clientele we wanted to meet. For several years, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on longer and more authentic cruises.
– This is how we created our cruises to the day (Oudong, silk cruise or the Bassac) which are an excellent opportunity (between 6 and 8 hours) to discover an authentic Cambodia.
– But especially our fantastic cruises connecting Phnom Penh and Siem Reap on the Sat Toung, a 26-meter long cabin boat and only 8 passengers maximum, are a total immersion dive in a wild and preserved nature.

– Finally we prepare you great surprises on the Mekong, well above Kampong Cham accessible by many ships. But only our boats are able to sail to Kratie and even Kampi to discover the famous Irrawaddy dolphins.

Program Changes Phnom Penh - Sat Toung at anchorage in Pean Bang - Tonle Sap Lake
Sat Toung anchored at Pean Bang – Tonle Sap Lake

We were the first to offer cocktails and dinner cruises on the Tonle Sap and the Mekong against Phnom Penh, so we are very disappointed to have to put an end, at least temporarily, the time of the work. But respect for our customers and respect for our values ​​drives us to make this painful decision.