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Cruises in Cambodia - Sunset on Tonle Sap river
Sunset on Tonle Sap river

Cambodia, of course, are the famous temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, its bubbling capital Phnom Penh, its sandy beaches in Sihanoukville, or the quaint art deco atmosphere of Kep. But Cambodia, especially have wonderful human encounters and inaccessible discoveries along its rivers Mekong and Tonle Sap.

Indeed, along its great rivers lives the soul of Cambodia, protected from the evolutions of the modern world, in all its authenticity and closer to the wilderness.

Our cruises

With our Cambodia expedition cruise, it is this exceptional discovery, accompanied by an adventure flavour, that you propose Phocea Mekong cruises aboard the Sat Toung.

Cruise temples of Angkor

Due to its small size and shallow draft, the Sat Toung is the only vessel able to sail 6 or 7 months a year on the Tonle Sap by making the complete journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap (temples of Angkor). This cruise is offered from August until the end of February. Depending on the water level during the last month (February), the trip can be made by fast community boat.

Expedition cruise
Floating house on Tonle Sap lake

Mekong Cruise – Chhlong Relay

expedition cruise
Mekong sunset on Marie Deauville boat

Phocea Mekong cruises and its boats “Marie Deauville” and “Sat Toung” take you all year to meet the hidden wonders of the Mekong. Our exclusive partnership with the “Le Relais de Chhlong” former residence of the provincial governor built in 1916 overlooking the majestic Mekong River flowing at its feet, offers you the opportunity to go up the peaceful course of the Mekong to the limit of navigation of the river after Kratie. You can sail to admire the Irrawaddy dolphins (Mekong dolphins), or beautiful islands in the riverbed, forgotten villages or sacred pagodas.

Our partnership with the “Saravoan Royal Palace Hotel” allows you to start or finish your cruise in peace, the tuk-tuk and the management of the hotel taking care of your transfer and boarding (disembarkation) aboard the Sat Toung. The “Saravoan Royal Palace Hotel” is a haven of peace ideally located in the historical and entertainment centre of Phnom Penh. Sisowath Quay, National Museum, and Royal Palace tours can be explored on foot. It is also located amidst the trendy restaurants and bars in Phnom Penh.

An exceptional adventure

This Cambodia expedition cruise will take you in all serenity in an authentic and exceptional adventure in contact with the communities of the Mekong on a traditional boat and comfortable 26 meters long for only 4 cabins and 8 passengers.