Cambodia cruises

Cambodia cruises.

On the Tonle Sap

How about exploring authentic Cambodia comfortably? Only one solution for this, cruises in Cambodia.
3 Great rivers allow this discovery:
– The Mekong, a mythical and majestic river that makes it possible to go up to Kratie to observe the extraordinary dolphins of the Irrawaddy.
– The wild and unpredictable Tonle Sap, which includes most of the aquatic Cambodia life, with the extraordinary floating villages and those nestled on top of piles 10 meters high.
– Le Bassac, a few cables from Phnom Penh, which allows the visitor to see the charm of nonchalant life by the rivers.
All these cruises, PhoceaMekong cruises offer them on 2 charming traditional and comfortable ships, on which our guests are welcomed in a very intimate and privileged.

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