Private Charters & Private tours

Private & exclusive outlets Cruises

The Phocea and Sat Toung boats are the perfect places for business and private events in a comfortable and intimate setting while enjoying the view of the river. We can organize to demand different kinds of outputs, half-day, full day, evening, business meetings and events, cocktails and dinner, with or without orchestra etc.

Celebrate your business or family events in an original and refined place

The Phocea can accommodate up to 25 people for a cocktail. It is also equipped with a DVD system in the interior cabin and a sound system outside, especially with the ability to conduct business meetings and business appointments in a comfortable and exclusive setting.

The Sat Toung can accommodate up to 35 people for a cocktail in a refined, comfortable and exclusive setting. It is also equipped with an external sound system (not inside cabin).

Contact us for organizing events that will stand out and entice your guests:

Phare 4 Départure: Every day depending on the availability of the boat.
Tourist port boarding the Titanic, Sisowath quay, facing the street 104, Phnom Penh.
Reservations no later than the day before.

2 thoughts on “Private Charters & Private tours

  1. Dear Team,
    We are looking for a boat for 23 people so I think The Phocea is perfect. can you check the schedule:
    – Date: 13 Oct 2018
    – Time: 05:00PM to 07:00PM
    And give us a cost for rent please?
    We will need to have English guy to help during the trip.
    Thank you so much!

  2. My name is Vincent Patton. I want to throw a birthday party on May 28th on that yacht for overnight. It would be deaf group. I’ll invite 40 deaf guests to aboard to yacht and I’ll need a captain as well. I have a few questions for you. Drinks beverage such as beer and alcohol are allowed? If so then can I bring few pack box of beers to yacht? I’ll bring a cake and few items as well. I want to know what do you have other tour list regard of this yacht? Like view will stop by beach or fishing or jet ski or what? Also how much cost for one overnight? Please reply me back when you can. Thank for your time.

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